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Questions are frequently asked about who owns the photographs / copyright that have been taken. Under current EU law, unless specifically agreed otherwise, copyright in the photographs remains with the photographer - even when the photographer has been paid to take the photograph.

In brief, the main points are:.

Copyright allows the photographer the right to control how their images may be used. This right is given by the UK Copyright, Designs and Patents Act of 1988. Further details can be found on the web site of the Editorial Photographers United Kingdom and Ireland, with a direct link to the section on copyright here.

Licensing is a means to allow the photographer to keep the copyright in their work and give their clients the ability to use the images in a number of different ways as required. Effectively, images are 'hired' under agreements that can be as specific or wide ranging as needed.

This means the intended use of the images must be discussed and agreed as part of the contract for the assignment. Any use outside of this contract must be re-negotiated - in advance - with the photographer to avoid breaking the law and the outcome of the negotiation(s) agreed in writing.

See this page for more licensing information.

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