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Restored Images

Photograph Restoration

There are many reasons why pictures may need to be restored. In most cases it is old age and prints that have been passed around can get dog eared and creased. In the case of slides or transparencies, they can fade badly or become discoloured and almost unusable.

These days, it can be more convenient to have your images as digital files for ease of use in presentations and to send to friends and family - especially if researching a family tree. Through use of high quality scanners, all prints, slides and both black & white as well as colour negatives can be digitised and, in a lot of cases, usable detail recovered. All this is done without any further degradation of the original(s). If required, the resultant images can be incorporated into Power Point presentations or used for audio-visual CDs.

Roll your mouse over the images on the left to see the difference between the original and the restored images.

Contact me to discuss your requirements and I will give a free assessment of what may be possible to achieve with the image to be restored.

Your old VHS tapes (originals only) can be copied and put on DVD to allow ease of viewing. Again contact me to discuss what you want.

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