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High Level Photography

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Aerial view of Construction SiteHigh Level MastAerial view of Cricket Match

High level (or aerial) photography gives a whole new perspective on a wide variety of photographic subjects ranging from people to buildings to scenery.

I achieve this using a portable 15 m (45 foot) mast on which I place a remotely controlled camera allowing me to select the appropriate view to photograph. If required, the client can be present and view the images on the computer in real time. High quality images up to 24mp can be obtained as required through use of an SLR on the mast. (The ball can clearly be seen on a large print of the cricket match!)

Once captured, all images are made available to the client - usually on my password protected viewing area - for individual image selection following which the images are post processed as required.

The following list gives some examples of where this system can be used.

  • Construction sites - from greenfield to project completion.
  • Groups - schools, parties, functions.
  • Houses - sales brochures, records to roof inspections.
  • Legal - boundary disputes, insurance claims.
  • Events - matches, festivals.
  • Corporate, leisure or marketing brochures.
  • Architectural and planning surveys.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you meet your needs.

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